FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IAPP Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP)

Work Package 5

Project Management

The management of the LaserMicroFab project will include multiple activities.

Description of work

The management of the LaserMicroFab project will be based on the activities of the following structures:

  • Preparation of Consortium Agreement
  • Management of the inter-sectorial secondments
  • Management of IP issues-covered by the Consortium Agreement
  • Management of outreach activities (activities are also covered in WP4)
  • Networking and Transfer of knowledge activities
  • Management of the procedures for the new Recruitments
  • Interaction with the Advisory Industrial Board
  • Co-ordination of research activities (annually project meetings, progress reports, periodic reports, review of the project, declaration of conformity for all researchers, questionnairies)
  • Coordinate internal and contractual scientific periodic reporting
  • Coordinate the midterm review meeting
  • Coordinate financial periodic reporting
  • Provide logistics support for efficient project internal information exchange and partner coordination

Risk Analysis

The risks on this WP are related to possible delays of the recruitment of suitable researchers with the required expertise and also possible delays on the secondments between the partners. A thorough review of the project at the midterm review will allow corrective actions to be taken for the successful implementation of the project.