FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IAPP Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP)

Work Package 3

Integration of laser micro-fabrication processes and design of a laser platform

This work package will be led by Oxford Lasers. The beam delivery optimization, which will be carried out in WP1 as well as the optimization of the laser printing/curing conditions (WP2) will act as critical inputs for the prototype integration WP3. The academic partners in collaboration with OL will define the optimum laser source specifications. Based on the significant expertise on industrial instrumentation, Oxford Lasers will focus on large area projection of the advanced laser digital microfabrication processes by incorporating all transferred knowledge into one integrated prototype Laser Platform.

Description of work

The system will be especially designed to be industrially robust, capable of large-area processing (300x300mm minimum) and also compatible with R2R processing. Special care will be given to laser safety (Class 1 safe) but also to precision alignment automatic registration, laser debris extraction and overall integration of laser, optics train, motion control and diagnostics instrumentation under a user-friendly process control software interface.

Risk Analysis

The main risk in this workpackage is related to potential supply chain delays, i.e. laser sourcing of the best in class lasers, specially designed beam shaper optics, etc. Although delays in procurement of such items are usual in the laser marketplace, it is expected that by careful planning the consortium will overcome these risks. Additionally, Oxford Lasers as laser systems integrator operates a medium size optics stock which can be utilised if needed.